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Health-E-News November 2015
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Chiropractic Helps the Kansas City Royals

Are you watching the baseball World Series? Chiropractor, Dr. Patrick Hammond joined the Royals as team chiropractor in 2000 and has helped the Royals get to where they are now.

Chiropractic has helped thousands of professional athletes perform at their best. Since Chiropractic can help professional athletes, image how Chiropractic can help you.


Inactive Kids Can Increase Long-Term Health Risk

Telling children to sit still might be exactly the wrong message to give. Long periods of inactivity could cause changes in blood circulation even in young children, which may increase risk of heart disease later in life.

Researchers measured nine girls between 7 and 10 years old for blood flow in their legs before and after they spent three hours in beanbag chairs in the lab watching movies and playing games on iPads. The researchers found that the veg-out sessions were associated with a 33% decrease in the flexibility of the artery in the thigh, similar to the effect that marathon sitting has been observed to have in adults.

"We didn't expect quite such a profound effect in children," partly because children seem like they could be more resilient to sedentary behavior, said Alison McManus, associate professor of pediatric physiology at the University of British Columbia.

The stiffening of the thigh artery in this study could increase the risk of cardiovascular problems by about 25%, at least until the vessel regains its flexibility. The artery did seem to bounce back quickly; the blood flow was normal again by the time the girls returned to the lab several days later for the exercise session.

The concern is that if children make a habit of being inactive, their arteries could eventually lose the stretchiness, and they will be at greater risk of heart attack and stroke when they are adults.

There could even be benefit for children in standing or moving 10 minutes every half hour. This additional movement could help them remain more alert, and maintain good bone and muscle health. Teachers and schools can help by designing lessons and schedules around getting children to stand up every half hour or hour, and parents should keep an eye on their children to make sure they don't spend too much time parked in front of the TV or computer.

CNN Article

Lead by example - get outside and be physically active. The stronger your muscles are, the greater the benefits of Chiropractic care.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids

Here is another great news report on how Chiropractic can benefit children (click here to watch the news report). If you have questions, and your children are not being checked by a Chiropractor, ask us for more information.


What You Do Before And After Your Chiropractic Adjustment Will Have A Dramatic Effect On Your Health

Regular Chiropractic care allows your body to heal itself and function at it's best. Supporting your Chiropractic care with exercise, nutrition, and being mindful, are all vital parts of a truly healthy, vibrant body.

Proper exercise is a key factor for health, and many people ask which exercise is best. The best exercise is the one that you enjoy doing and do on a regular basis. Whether that be simply walking, running, skiing, biking, going to the gym, rock climbing, etc, as long as you do it on a regular basis and are moving, that is what counts.

If you are still looking for an exercise you enjoy, have you tried yoga?

A recent study showed deep relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation - long touted to ease stress and anxiety - may also result in fewer medical doctor visits.

Plenty of evidence over the past few decades has linked practices such as meditation and yoga to beneficial physiological changes in the body, such as better cardiac function, noted lead study author Dr. James Stahl, director of the Institute for Technology Assessment at Massachusetts General. What the current study offers is a link between these forms of stress reduction and fewer visits to the medical doctor. Meditation and yoga reduce stress, which in turn promotes wellness, which in turn reduces seeking and using health-care resources. Know something else that reduces stress on your body? Chiropractic adjustments.

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