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Health-E-News December 2014
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Michael Strahan - "Me with the Chiropractor. Happy Saturday everybody."


A new study suggests that looking down at a cell phone is the equivalent of placing a 60-pound weight on one's neck.

Sixty pounds is roughly the weight of four adult-sized bowling balls. Or six plastic grocery bags worth of food. Or an 8-year-old.

It is also, according to a new calculation published in the journal Surgical Technology International, the amount of force exerted on the head of an adult human who is looking down at her phone.

The average person spends about an hour on their smartphones each day. Unless you train yourself to stare straight ahead into your phone's screen, you could be continually stressing your spine. The result of these additional stresses on your neck may result in may lead to early wear, tear, degeneration, and possibly surgeries. It is also a common cause of neck pain and headaches.

Chiropractors have been warning about the dangers of "Text Neck" for years. To avoid problems, raise your device when looking at them and have your spine checked to ensure there is no permanent damage.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Language Skills Improved with Chiropractic

A case series study published in the Nov. 3, 2014, issue of the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health documents chiropractic care helping language skills in two cases of diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder. The authors begin by explaining, "Autism is defined as a disorder beginning in childhood marked by the presence of significantly abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication and a distinctly restricted repertoire of activity and interest."

In this case series, two children who were diagnosed with autism participated in the study. Each of the two children were diagnosed independently by clinical psychologists. The first of the two children was a boy at the age of a 3 years, 8 months. He was diagnosed at the age of 2 years with moderate autism. With this diagnosis, the boy was suffering with severe language and speech difficulties. Additionally, the boy had a history of allergies, ear infections, digestive problems, social interaction difficulties, behavioral problems, teeth grinding, and sleep problems.

The second child was a girl at the age of 3 years, 5 months, who was diagnosed with autism 2 months earlier. Her autism was characterized by severely delayed expressive and a moderate delay in receptive language skills. In addition to autism, she was also suffering from chronic colds, digestive problems, social interaction difficulties, behavioral problems, and sleep problems.

Chiropractic care was initiated on both children for correction of subluxations. At the first testing interval, both children showed measurable improvement in the language skills. By the fourth test both children showed significant improvement. The boy actually improved to the point where his language skills were 5 months above the average child his age.  The girl, whose speech was worse at the onset of chiropractic care, improved enough to be only 8 months behind her chronological age.

The improvements in these children were observed and appreciated by their families. At three months into care the young boy said "I love you Daddy" for the first time in his life. The mother of the girl reported that her daughter was doing well in pre-school and was even seen helping other children with their tasks.


Chiropractic Care Improves Quality of Living in Seniors

Spine-related problems are common in the general adult population, and there is evidence of increasing prevalence as people age. As a result, spine related problems are becoming a growing portion of health services use and expenditures, particularly under Medicare. More significantly, these problems are associated with increased disability by impeding a person's capacity to perform everyday tasks such as walking, stooping, lifting, or reaching.

Other research suggests that Chiropractic use benefits older Medicare beneficiaries (> 70 years) by protecting them against decline in function and self-rated health (SRH). In fact, seniors who received Chiropractic care reported improved quality of lives when compared to those who used medical care treatments in uncomplicated back conditions over a 2-year period.

In summary, those who used Chiropractic care reported a significantly improvement in activities of daily living, lifting, stooping, walking, self-rated health, and a significant protective effect of against the effects of aging.

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2014 (Oct); 37 (8): 542-551


Half-million cancers worldwide linked to obesity

Excess body weight caused about 481,000 new cancer cases in 2012, according to a new study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization. 

That works out to about 3.6 per cent of all cancers worldwide, the majority of which occur in North America and Europe, according to the study published in the medical journal Lancet Oncology on Wednesday.

Scientists hypothesize that excess body fat may trigger cancer by changing insulin, glucose and hormone levels, and increasing chronic inflammation.

Dr. Darren Brenner, who works with Alberta Health Services and is not linked to the Lancet Oncology-published study, said 3.6 per cent doesn't sound like much, but it is significant.

"In Canada, that works out to be about 6,000 cancer cases per year that are attributable to excess body weight. So when we think about it in those absolute terms, I think it's very very important that people take these results seriously," said Brenner, who's also studied the link between obesity and cancer.

"A general recommendation of the World Health Organization is to assure a healthy diet, a balanced diet, and also to engage in regular physical activity ... to maintain a healthy body weight," said Arnold. 

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