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Health-E-News April 2016
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Surprise: Chiropractors Can Treat These 5 Conditions

Read on if you're stressed, have a migraine or struggle with flexibility. Chiropractic care - which is based on the understanding that, given the opportunity, the mind and body can heal itself – can treat many issues that might surprise you.

Here's a look at the top surprising conditions a chiropractor can treat:

Migraines and tension headaches

Nine out of 10 people suffer from headaches. Some are occasional. Some are persistent. Some are dull and nagging, while others cause debilitating pain and nausea. Taking a painkiller and hoping your headache goes away is one option. But there's a better one.

Research shows that Chiropractic care is an effective way to treat tension headaches and headaches that begin in the neck.

In a clinical trial conducted at Macquarie University, 72 percent of migraine sufferers experienced either "substantial" or "noticeable" improvement after a period of chiropractic treatment.

Stress and anxiety

We perceive stress from three basic sources: our environment, our body and our emotions.

Jobs today are increasingly complex as the business world becomes more and more competitive. Physical stresses such as sound, air and water pollution have also grown worse over the last century, and so have emotional and psychological stresses caused by an increasing awareness of troubles and tragedies around the globe, brought to our attention every hour by the Internet and its 24/7 news cycle.

Prolonged, the long-term effects of stress can be disastrous to good health and cause high blood pressure, muscle tissue damage, diabetes, infertility, damage to the immune system and slowed healing from disease and injury.

Chiropractors work primarily with the spine – the root of the nervous system through which nerve impulses travel between the brain and the rest of the body – and can help the body manage and process this stress in a healthier way.


When we're younger, it's easy to take our extensive range of motion and flexibility for granted. As we age, a number of health conditions – and the cumulative effects of wear and tear – can affect our ability to move the way we used to.

But a decrease in range of motion and flexibility can result in a downward spiral of disability.

For example, an injury or degenerative condition that causes pain, swelling and stiffness, may limit our flexibility and range of motion. When this happens, we may avoid activities that involve the affected body parts, either consciously or unconsciously.

This then becomes a classic case of "use it or lose it." Without regular exercise, the muscles and joints stiffen, adhesions and scar tissue can form, and mobility may be further reduced. Eventually, a person can become completely incapacitated, and ordinary tasks such as picking up something off the floor or tying your shoes can become extremely challenging or painful.

Regular chiropractic can help increase both range of motion and flexibility.

Chiropractic also has great success helping those with Fibromyalgia and weak immune systems. Click here to continue reading.

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Can exercise help fight off cancer or limit its severity?

While those who work in the 'alternative' health care field have known for years that the strength of health of your body directly affects how it can handle disease, the relationship between exercise and cancer has long both intrigued and puzzled oncologists and exercise physiologists.

In epidemiological studies, people who regularly exercise generally prove to be much less likely to develop or die from the disease than people who do not. At the same time, exercise involves biological stress, which typically leads to a short-term increase in inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation can contribute to elevated risks for many cancers.

A new study in mice may offer some clues into the exercise-cancer paradox. It suggests that exercise may change how the immune system deals with cancer by boosting adrenalin, certain immune cells and other chemicals that, together, can reduce the severity of cancer or fight it off altogether.

Researchers found much higher numbers in the bloodstreams of runners than in the sedentary mice of a type of immune cell named natural killer cells that are known to be potent cancer fighters.

By studying the action of various genes within the cells of the mice, the scientists determined that adrenalin seemed to be sending biochemical signals to some of the animals’ IL-6 cells, making them physiologically more alert, so that when a tumour began to develop in the affected animal, those IL-6 cells in turn activated the natural killer cells in the bloodstream and actually directed them to the tumours.

Because the runners’ blood generally contained more adrenalin, more IL-6, and more natural killer cells than did the blood of the sedentary mice, this process was intensified. A larger number of natural killer cells were directed to tumours in the runners, allowing their immune systems, it seems, to more effectively combat the malignancy.

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Regardless of what your health is today, getting adjusted, exercising, reducing sugar, and increasing water will make your body stronger and healthier.


Chiropractic can help relieve your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an overuse disorder that is most commonly diagnosed in middle-aged women. It is characterized by inflammation and irritation of the median nerve at the wrist. Therefore, causing debilitating pain and numbness in the hand and fingers. Murphy and colleagues (2014) reported a case study on the chiropractic care of an American 57 year old woman experiencing pain and discomfort for 8 and 10 months on the left and right hand, respectively. She was unable to work because her hands were not capable of using a mouse and keyboard. The patient had not received medical intervention prior to seeking chiropractic care. After only 5 visits of Chiropractic care over the course of one month along with prescribed exercises and a brace, the patient reported no more pain and discontinued using her brace. She was then able to participate in work and resume life without pain.

Chiropractic therapy is an alternative to invasive and pharmacological interventions for assisting the improvement of health and natural function of the body. When repetitive motions are performed consistently over time without care, damage can happen to the body.

We often take our hands for granted. Many of the tasks that we do every day require us to use our fingers, hands, wrists, and arms. Especially in today’s day and age, when we are always typing on our smart phones, tablets and computers. The symptoms resulting from carpal tunnel syndrome radiates through the nervous system. Therefore, it is no wonder that seeing a practitioner that specializes in spinal care would alleviate the pain, numbness and tingling experienced.

Jonathan Murphy, Rod Floyd, Christopher Varnum, Joel Alcantara. Resolution of Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Following Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care: A Case Study. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. 2014; 4: 206-210.


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